Investigative Update: Key Figures Call on FBI Director to Open Cardillo Files

Responding to my stories (below) in the New York Post and on Judicial Watch’s website, four senior law-enforcement  figures in the original Cardillo investigation have called on FBI Director James Comey to open the FBI’s secret files on the case. James Harmon, John Van Lindt, Randy Jurgensen and one NYPD detective who wished to remain anonymous called on Comey “to right a grievous wrong and make one last effort to find justice for a slain police officer.”

“In particular,” they noted, “the FBI should conduct a thorough search of its special file room for all documents pertaining to the Nation of Islam and COINTELPRO, Operation Newkill, the Harlem Mosque Incident and Phillip Cardillo. It should focus on informant, wiretap and electronic-surveillance records. The documents should be provided to the Manhattan DA and made public. Justice however long delayed is still justice.”

The open letter to Director Comey was published in the Post. Read it here.


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