Iran’s Nuclear Secrets

In September 2011, I wrapped up an investigative consulting assignment for Fox News, reporting and writing an hour-long special called “Iran’s Nuclear Secrets” for one of Fox’s documentary units.

In the special, we weighed the hard evidence relating to allegations that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and talked to some of the world’s top counter-proliferation experts. You can see a brief preview of the documentary below:
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The A.Q. Khan Files

For the Fox News special, “Iran’s Nuclear Secrets,” I worked with journalist Simon Henderson to reveal new A.Q. Khan documents. Khan, of course, was the driving force behind Pakistan’s atomic bomb and the nuclear arms trafficker long thought to be the mastermind behind an elaborate global supply and procurement network.

The documents obtained by Fox News suggested that for decades Pakistan spread nuclear weapon technology around the globe in exchange for cash, political influence and help with its own atomic bomb program. Among those on the other side of the deals: China, Iran, North Korea and Libya.

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Jeff Lewis of ArmsControlWonk had an interesting take on the new documents, here.

But, on second thought, Jeff had more to add, here.

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

They might as well. Race horses continue to die at American tracks in shocking numbers. My article about thoroughbred breakdowns, below, was originally published in the New York Times in August, 2006. Six years later, we are still having the same arguments, and too many horses are still dying. At Aqueduct Racetrack in New York, nineteen horses have died in the last four months. A special panel has been appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo to investigate. Meanwhile, a flood of cash pours into horse racing from casino interests. More on this subject will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Justice for Barbaro

BARBARO, the tragic hero of this year’s Preakness Stakes, is on the mend and it’s back to business for thoroughbred racing. This weekend the celebrated Mid-Summer Derby — the Travers Stakes — is taking place at Saratoga Race Course. And this week, a panel appointed by Gov. George Pataki is scheduled to begin considering bids to run New York’s $2.7 billion racing franchise at Saratoga, Aqueduct and Belmont racetracks. The current franchise expires in December 2007…

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Report: Tibet Self-Immolations & Religious Repression

Check out this December 2011 special report from the Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

This CECC Special Report demonstrates an apparent correlation between increasing Chinese Communist Party and government repression of freedom of religion in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and nunneries, and 12 instances in 2011 of current or former monks and nuns resorting to self-immolation.

Reporting from each of the Commission’s 10 annual reports (2002-2011) reveals a trend of deterioration in the environment for Tibetan Buddhism, especially in Tibetan Buddhist monastic institutions. The trend worsened significantly after mostly peaceful political protests swept across the Tibetan plateau in March and April 2008…

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Fire in Paradise

Read the opening chapter of my book on the great Yellowstone Fires, Fire in Paradise.